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Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs

What’s the FactSet ticker symbol?

The ticker symbol for FactSet Research Systems Inc. is FDS. Our common stock shares are dual traded on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

When was FactSet’s IPO?

FactSet began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on June 28, 1996.

What is FactSet Research System’s CUSIP?

Our CUSIP is 303075105.

What is FactSet’s fiscal year?

FactSet’s fiscal year ends on August 31.

Does FactSet pay a dividend?

Yes. FactSet has paid an increasing dividend every quarter for more than 12 years.

How many shares of stock are outstanding?

As of October 24, 2018, there were 38,037,295 shares of common stock outstanding. Please see our quarterly 10-Q or 10-K filings to see the most recent information on shares outstanding.

How many times has FactSet’s stock split?

Yes. FactSet stock has been split three times on Feb 8, 1999, Feb 7, 2000 and Feb 7, 2005.

Who is FactSet’s independent auditor?

Our independent auditing firm is Ernst & Young, LLP.

Can I purchase stock directly from FactSet?

No. FactSet does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan. FactSet common stock can be bought or sold through an online investment service, through a licensed broker, or via a financial institution that offers brokerage services.

Does FactSet have a share repurchase program?

Yes. Please refer to the Company’s latest quarterly results for details.

Is there any preferred stock outstanding or available?


Can I listen to quarterly results calls with analysts?
How do I get a copy of the annual report?

Visit our Annual Reports and Proxies Page to view current and prior year annual and quarterly reports.

When is the next shareholders’ meeting?

You can see our scheduled events.

How can I vote my proxies without attending the annual shareholders meeting?

You can get this info from our proxy.